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Basketball Club „Ventspils” is a top team in Latvia. The team competes for high places at Baltic BBL league, and also plays in Europe in the strong „EUROCAP” league. Since November an American, Todd Abernethy, plays in our team. He is a Christian, who has entrusted his life to God and is not ashamed to tell it to others.

How did I get to know Todd? I noticed him on a basketball court for the first time, when he played for Riga’s club „Barons”. At that time the final LBL game between teams “Ventspils” and “Barons” was quite intense, it could be described as a real thriller. Todd left an impression of a thorough fighter. I was very sympathetic to this player, although at that time he played in an opposing team. After the dramatic final I read on the Internet that in the last game Todd played with his left arm broken, and after a short time I found out that he is a Christian. I thought that it is a great testimony of attitude on court and in real life.

When, in November last year, news appeared in portals that Todd will play for Ventspils, I was very excited, and just after two weeks I saw Todd with his entire family in our church on Sunday church service. What was left was to go up and get acquainted. I invited Todd to attend also our basketball training sessions, but the schedule was so tense that the 3rd of April was the first free Tuesday for Todd. Then he showed us all his game tricks and also explained his life values.


Todd's story

I want to write and share what Jesus means to me. I grew up in Indiana where basketball is the most popular sport. My father played in the NBA for 5 years, so I had a basketball in my hands since I was a little baby. I loved playing and had the God-given ability to succeed throughout my childhood. I grew up going to Church and even went to a Christian School, but the truth of who Jesus was or what he did on the cross didn’t make much of a difference in my life. I believed that if I was a good person, and didn’t do anything too bad I would be right in God’s eyes. God has called us to perfection. If we are not perfect as he is perfect, then we can’t be right with him on our own and are therefore his enemies. Romans 3:23 says,““for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.”

When I would play basketball and do other things in life, my main motivation was for myself to be honored and respected by other people. I was proud, arrogant, and selfish…. Which is just what sin is! I was an enemy of God and didn’t even know it.

When I was 15 years old, I went to a Church camp and realized my need to trust in Jesus for the forgiveness of my sins. I heard and believed the good news that God sent Jesus to die for my sins and make me right with God. The Lord changed me and continues to work in my life.

Even though I am still a sinner and fight against my old desires, I want to glorify God in everything I do.. As a Christian it is very important to spend time with the Lord every day. I do this by reading the bible and praying. I also love to listen to Christian music and also listen to sermons of my pastor back in America. These are a few ways to grow in my faith and remember who I am in Christ.

I was able to go to the University of Mississippi and play basketball for 4 years. I also met my beautiful wife Micah there which was the biggest blessing for me. We have lived in 4 different countries since graduation from University…. Netherlands, Estonia, Ukraine, and Latvia.


We have 2 girls Ruthie and Maria and have loved our time in Latvia. Ventspils is a great city for families and we can’t wait for the warm weather to arrive!! We are so thankful that God has brought me here to play basketball, and we pray that he will be glorified in our lives!



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